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Automotive pollution: Germany watches over the health of its industry

The European Commission is due to announce new pollution standards for the European automotive industry on Wednesday 8 November. The manufacturers concerned have done their utmost to ensure that the tightening of these rules is not significant. The Germans, the heavyweights in Europe, were particularly active and efficient during the negotiations.

He is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and does nothing but manage the day-to-day business. But Sigmar Gabriel, elected representative of a region where Volkswagen is headquartered, has acted as lobbyists for the German car industry.

In a letter to the President of the European Commission, the Social Democrat said all the wrong things he thought about stricter pollution standards for cars.

A vital industry in Germany, which he believes could suffer. His party mate, Environment Minister Hendricks, denounced the minister’s letter. Both the German government and the industrialists concerned pressed Brussels to relax the new rules.

The President of the German Automotive Industry Federation called the Head of Cabinet of the President of the European Commission. According to the press, German Commissioner Öttinger has defended the interests of his country. Volkswagen also forced its way into Brussels despite the scandal of fake diesel engines, which did not really strengthen the manufacturer’s credibility regarding polluting emissions.

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