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Warehouse Efficiency – How to Calculate it

The profits your business will bring in can be dictated by the efficiency of your warehouse.

If you have limited space in your storage, you need to utilize the overall space and how it will work best for your business needs. Calculating your warehouse’s efficiency will help you form a plan to increase productivity with space you are dealing with and the use of materials handling. The following issues should be carefully considered because any delays to any of these problems could cost your business precious time and profits:

Turnover Time Of Your Product:

From the factory to the warehouseHow long will it take to move products out of your warehouse and into the hands of your customers after their arrived at your store?

Items need to move quickly if your turnover is slow this is costing you money and limiting the number of products your company can process at one given time.

Unloading And Documenting Your Product:

When your product arrives at your warehouse, you must unload your goods and then document them. If you are slow at unloading the delivery, this will slow down the process causing bottle-necking. This, in turn, will make it impossible process the products.

forklifts are used to store productsThe organization of your warehouse and the availability of the forklift you are using will dictate the efficiency of processing your goods. As this is quite a massive investment for the average business, you could rent or buy second-hand forklifts.

Organization And Storing:

Organization and storing of the productsOnce your products have been unloaded and have documented what you have received, it is time to organize and store all your goods. It is all going to depend on your warehouse’s storage availability and will be a key element in your product turnover time.

The last stage in your warehouse is the arrival and processing of orders. The amount of time it takes for you to receive orders then sent to the warehouse and processing will impact your turnover time. Your overall organization of products picking processes will also affect your overall productivity.

Your warehouse is the backbone of your business. You must calculate your space, the setup of the storage and how well your warehouse can process orders will dictate your business’ efficiency. You must be able to move products onto your customers promptly. Delays due to slow operational actions will cost you and your business valuable profits and customer satisfaction.

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Six important tips to consider when buying a forklift

Forklifts are a sort of requirement in many industries if not all, as their usefulness is enormous in such places. Over the years, the need for forklifts has increased in many industries.

While some businesses rely on these workhorses for almost every single day of the month, others require forklifts only once in a while. If you are interested in buying one or even in forklift rental services you need to consider ones that run on fuel, and those that are electrically powered. Precisely, electrical forklifts are the most popular ones, and there are various models to suit all kinds of requirements.

Here are some few tips that can be of use when looking for the right machinery for use:

1. Weight Capacity:
One significant factor to consider is the weight capacity. The smaller and basic models, typically having three wheels, can handle a maximum of 1,500 lbs. On the other land, four-wheeled forklifts are meant for heavy duty and have a higher price.

2. Lift Height:
a fleet of material handling vehiclesThe second factor to consider is the lifting height of the model. For this, you may consider the maximum height of loading decks and choose a model that can be a few inches higher.

3. Forklift Aisle Width:
The aisle width is also an important consideration. The standard is 12 feet, but there are varied options for 6 feet and 8 feet, as well.

4. Electrical or Gas powered:
Electric models are the one mostly preferred. To be honest, combustion types of forklifts aren’t bad either, but electric ones perform a lot better. If you go to a seller and are unsure of your needs, you can talk about your requirements and objectives of the purchase, and they can help you in making the right choice.

5. New or used and also the make of the forklift:
A used model gives you an opportunity to make an investment avoiding the high price, and some fantastic sellers can help you find the right brand and model. Also, you can be extremely choosy regarding the make you want, and you can get a better and bigger model for the same price of a new entry-level forklift. Of course, the final choice between a new and used one depends on the needs.

6. Budget Set:
The budget remains one of the major concerns for buying forklifts, and electric ones are a bit more expensive than the combustion models. However, it is a good idea to consider the benefits rightly, because electric forklifts are easy to operate and can work noiselessly for hours without any emissions. The only downside is the battery charging, which can take around 8 hours, affecting the overall performance. Various models also come with differences in price, therefore touching on your budget.

In conclusion, different industries have different uses for these types of machines, and it is therefore very essential to consider the above tips so as to make satisfactory decisions before purchase. Find more on safety in the warehouse here!

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What to have in mind when starting business overseas

If you run a successful business in your home country, you may have an idea of expanding it abroad and making it international.

It is certainly a large step, with plenty of good and bad sides and possible obstacles you will encounter. In this article, we will present you some of the most important things to have in mind when you decide that you want to take your business global.

Before taking the big step, you need to ask yourself several questions and think about certain aspects of going global.

Firstly, think about whether your products are likely to sell well in the other country, since different cultures may have different needs, preferences and even laws which may affect your sales and the overall success of your brand.
Secondly, think about whether the target market is already familiar with your business and your offer. If this is not the case, keep in mind that you will need to invest a lot of money and effort on advertising and possibly even consumer education.

Then, think about whether you feel comfortable in the target country. As the business owner, you will need to work and communicate with the people from the target country, and possibly even live there for a while in the first stages of company development.

Choosing the right person for the job

make sure your relocation is a success
Make sure your relocation is a success

Therefore, make sure that you are familiar with their culture, customs and language before you make a move. Last but not least, think about the infrastructure of the target country, because it determines the reliability of supplies delivery, production and much more.

If after all this you decide that it is time to export your product, it is time for the next step. Assuming you have performed a thorough market research and familiarized yourself with the market conditions of the target country, you should start a business spreading campaign.

Prepare a thorough business plan, set clear goals, select the preferred methods of distributing the products to the target country and learn how to act in the circumstances of a new culture.

Once you hit the international market, it is important to make business moves according to the culture in which you do the business. It implies pretty much everything you would do in your home country – build relationships with your clients and associates, be flexible, learn to understand body language and dress professionally.

In case you do not know the language well enough, it is advisable to bring your own translator.

As an international expansion of business needs financing, you can ask the Import-Export Bank for help. They will guarantee working capital loans, but also credit insurance which protects the exporter in case the foreign buyer does not pay.
The Im-Ex Bank offers a lot of trade services for the exporters, and they will finance all types of goods and services as long as they are not military-related.

Last but not least, once you have expanded the business overseas, it is important to find a reliable foreign distributor.
Assess the distributor based on their area of expertise, recommendations and references, and choose the one who best fits your area of business.

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Solar Hot Water Systems And What They Have To Offer

Cold water for showers can be good, so as to give you the zeal for a day’s work on a morning as well as for industrial purposes.
However, considering conditions that exist in various places, hot showers come in handy to give you the comforting feeling each time you get into that bathroom.

The paramount question is where you source the power needed for heating. Well, there’s an efficient solution to that – SOLAR WATER HEATERS.

The sun is one of the planets in our solar system that has provided heat and light for many years.Today, because of the technological advancement we have access to means that use the sun’s heat to generate energy.

One such means is the Solar water heater. It is an innovative technology that uses the heat of the sun to heat up the water.

• How they work

The solar hot water system consists of a solar panel located on the roof, facing the north, to heat water, and a system to move water to the storage equipment which is usually an insulated storage tank. This system may be used to heat household hot water for a residence or commercial purposes.

Naturally, solar hot water heaters depend on the solar panels to capture the energy from the sun so it can be used to heat the water.These systems tend to be storage systems as well, based upon your environment, and can heat up to 90% of your water free making use of the sun’s power.

• Types of Solar Water Heaters

There are two types of solar hot water heating systems, namely direct and indirect hot water systems:

a more complex unit
A more complex unit

1. Direct solar hot water systems work by harnessing the sun’s heat through the collector pipes and using it to warm up your homes’ water supply. The water is transferred to a storage tank placed inside the house to keep it warm. Direct solar hot water systems are more cost-efficient than indirect solar hot water systems. They, however, need regular maintenance such as cleaning the collector pipes of mineral deposits. This method is suitable for warmer climates where the temperatures don’t drop below freezing.

2. Indirect solar hot water heaters, unlike direct solar heating systems, don’t get the heat from the sun directly. These have heating tubes filled with a low-freezing fluid that’s warmed up by solar energy. As soon as the heating tubes and fluids are hot, a pump is switched on. It allows the hot fluid to flow into the heating coil of the main tank. The heat radiating from the coil warms up the water. Indirect solar heating systems are best suited for colder climates.

• Benefits of Installing a Solar Water Heater units.

Of course, these heating systems have many advantages relating to what they have to offer. The benefits include but may not be limited to the following:

1. Solar water heaters help a lot in saving your monthly budget in the form of electricity bill which is the main advantage. Therefore, if you opt for a solar water system, then you don’t require electricity to heat water.

2. These systems also require a one-time investment from your part. This investment includes purchase and installation cost, with minimal maintenance.

3. Solar energy is among the renewable sources of energy. It means you can easily exploit and make maximum use of this energy without any fear of its depletion in the long-run.

4. Solar systems are also advantageous concerning being a source of clean power since they do not emit greenhouse gas.

5. Solar systems can be installed anywhere without any location barrier. In fact, the place where installation of gas reticulation and electricity poles are expensive, installation of solar panels are the only available option.

6. With solar systems, we also eliminate possible electrocution cases as a result of faulty electrical heating systems.

understand how solar panels work for hot water

In conclusion, therefore, as the world targets to go green in all aspect of life, then solar water heaters can be part of the solution.

You can imagine how much power we can save by fitting each household with one since the sun has enough energy to enable that.


How robots will replace manufacturing jobs

The industrial world has been changing drastically since the 20th century when robots were first introduced into the production industry as a solution for providing new workforce and better end products for the customers as well.

Over the years, the consumer market has increasingly seen a drastic increase in the reliance on robots in the production process as when compared to a workforce. While some have pointed out that this will lead to reduced jobs for people in various economic settings, it can also be seen as the opening for newer products and service delivery for clients all over the world

How robots will replace industrial jobs

Robots are regarded as convenient and reliable solutions as compared to the conventional forms of human resources. In a sense, the robots are more beneficial especially when it comes to completing heavy duty technical tasks that often require 24 hours operations to satisfy the ever growing demands of the consumer market.


Besides that, the robots provide an affordable solution for powering company solutions and are therefore regarded by many as a better form of Return on Investment. For most industries, this would mean a significant cut-down or redundant employees who won’t provide the same work power levels as a robot.

While Robots won’t entirely replace all human resources when it comes to industry jobs, it does lead to a beneficial side effect in the realms of the production industry. For instance, the introduction of robots has resulted in the creation of new jobs that require a skilled workforce and intelligent individuals to get the systems running.

The added benefit is that this isn’t simply just a simple fact, but has been proven time and again with the significant upswings in the various industries all over the world. In fact, over the years, companies have evolved from manually assembling and building cards and robots, to incorporating robot functionality at almost ever stage of the production process.

There result in better consumer products along with better service delivery for clients as well. Robots are increasingly replacing workforce, and various economic factors have pointed this out.
Periods of significant industrial investment in automation such as the industrial revolution are regarded as one of the leading factors when it comes to improving a country’s overall GDP levels.

Another notable side benefit of this type of investment would be anything from the safer workplace with reduced injuries to increased satisfaction in the employment sector. For this reason, while many may consider robots to be increasingly replacing human resources in the production process, they are responsible for increased level of additional benefits in the consumer industry.


you-are-fired-cuntGiven all these points, although robots are increasingly being used as a solution for the conventional forms of human resources in the consumer industry, these types of technological advancements do have many overall benefits for the overall production levels and services provided to the end customer. Robots have become an important aspect of the manufacturing process and many firms have noted the benefit of using these types of technologies. The are cheaper, convenient and have more productivity levels as well.

Time to Be Involved With Industrial Technologies of Tomorrow

If you are looking for new challenges and work opportunities in 2016 and moving forward you might want to take a look at the following video:

The industry is looking to recruit new students all the time.

Not every school gives you access to top notch industrial equipment and in-house products with industrial machinery and rather focus on theoretical/technical knowledge and books.

High tech industry will give you access to a broad range of job applications in an industry that is always looking to hire new workforce. Get on the right track to getting a well paid job today !

How to use drones to make awesome films and take amazing photos

Drones are used massively in various industries for taking photographs and videos. These automatic flying devices have made it easy to capture images of construction sites, real estates, industrial sites, etc. By recording videos on the drone, you can supervise your industrial and construction sites to monitor it constantly. Here are some tips for using drones.

Drones for photography

  • The best way to shoot is in the RAW format. This way, you will be able to alter the exposure and colors later on. There are many post-processing options that you can use like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Use the bracketing technique to take the photographs. This means taking two or more photos of the same subject but using different camera settings. So, if you make a mistake, then you can choose one from the multiple photos you have taken.
  • Drones will shake even in low wind conditions.The higher the drone goes, the windier it is. So, when you are shooting, especially at night, you shouldn’t let the shutter speed exceed to more than 3 seconds. Otherwise, the shakes will be noticeable in your photos.

Drones for filming

  • You must start slow. It gives views the impression that you are shooting from a big platform, like a helicopter. You should use progressive movements on the RC control. You must accelerate and decelerate slowing; else, the camera will shake.
  • You should use two axes of movement at the same time. For example, you can fly backward and downwards at the same time.
  • You can do sideway movements for showing landscapes from different perspectives. It will give you a unique footage, rather than the forward or backward movement.

You should pre-plan your image, which you will be able to save the drone’s battery. By visualizing early, you will also know which shots will come out better. Visit Comparatif des Meilleurs Drones en 2016 – Acheter un Drone Télécommandé

6 crazy facts about industrial technologies you didn’t know

Industrial technologies have revolutionized this sector. Productivity has increased, and risks have been reduced. Technologies like 3D printing, drones, etc. are now widely used in the industry.

Here are some interesting facts about these technologies which you probably didn’t know.

1. The concept of 3D printing was developed in the 1980s. Chuck Hull in 1984 invented ‘stereolithography’ technique. It used UV lasers to solidify photopolymer which formed 3D parts layer by layer.

2. 3D printing was used for prototyping products. It is still being used for this purpose by many companies. For example, Ford is using 3D printing to make a huge selection of its car parts for testing. Now, it is used to create finished projects. It is now used to bring the creations of designers to life.

3. The first 3D-printed object made from asteroid material was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year. The asteroid material came from Campo del Cielo impact near Argentina. It contained nickel, iron, and cobalt.

4. Drones are mainly made in the USA and Israel. The other countries of the world cannot manufacture drone due to poor technology. They have tried many times but failed.

5. Armed drones were first invented in 1998 to find Osama bin Laden. It was planned to be used for finding out the whereabouts of the Al Queda group in the Middle East.

6. The USA is the most frequent users of drone. It uses it for military strategies.

These facts are fascinating and leave us wondering how creative human beings are. We can expect more such amazing technologies in the future.



4 ways technology is revolutionizing the industrial conglomerates

Technology is transforming the industrial companies. It is penetrating every aspect of the industry. Even the basic construction hats are becoming high-tech smart hats. Technology is making the industrial works more efficient and safe. Here are four ways technology is revolutionizing the industrial sector.

Paperworks are in order now


There are new apps available to keep your data up-to-date. It is now very easy to share information between the office and the job sites. There are apps to keep track of the safety records of your business.

Driverless solutions


In the construction industry, the trucks are becoming smart. From bulldozers to freightliners, everything is moving without a driver. Many mining companies use autonomous dump trucks with GPS system for the transportation of ores. These trucks can be controlled by a single driver from a remote location. This way, resources can be used more efficiently and a safer environment can be created for the employees.

Monitoring productivity


Drones are used in job sites for checking the progress of jobs and keeping the site secure. Footage shots from drones are used to determine when the job might be finished. They are widely used for monitoring productivity.

Street smarts


Smart highways are being developed. These roads have a glow-in-the-dark lining, interactive lighting, electric priority lanes, dynamic paints, etc. The concept of a solar road has come which allows generating solar power when working on roads. These roads will take in the sunlight and convert it to electricity. It has already been tested and has successfully generated about 3,000 kWh of electricity in the first six months.

These technologies have increased productivity and safety. It is now possible to get better results with limited resources due to these technological innovations.