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Automotive pollution: Germany watches over the health of its industry

The European Commission is due to announce new pollution standards for the European automotive industry on Wednesday 8 November. The manufacturers concerned have done their utmost to ensure that the tightening of these rules is not significant. The Germans, the heavyweights in Europe, were particularly active and efficient during the negotiations.

He is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and does nothing but manage the day-to-day business. But Sigmar Gabriel, elected representative of a region where Volkswagen is headquartered, has acted as lobbyists for the German car industry.

In a letter to the President of the European Commission, the Social Democrat said all the wrong things he thought about stricter pollution standards for cars.

A vital industry in Germany, which he believes could suffer. His party mate, Environment Minister Hendricks, denounced the minister’s letter. Both the German government and the industrialists concerned pressed Brussels to relax the new rules.

The President of the German Automotive Industry Federation called the Head of Cabinet of the President of the European Commission. According to the press, German Commissioner Öttinger has defended the interests of his country. Volkswagen also forced its way into Brussels despite the scandal of fake diesel engines, which did not really strengthen the manufacturer’s credibility regarding polluting emissions.

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Why You Should Consider Industrial Steam Cleaners for Cleaning

Do you want to carry out cleaning activities, for example, industrial cleaning? Steam cleaners have many benefits. They enable you to get rid of allergens, dust and debris.

They are ideal if you want to clean surfaces where people with allergies frequent. That’s because they deodorise and disinfect surfaces without the use of chemicals. You may find buying a steam cleaner expensive at first.

You shouldn’t worry. That’s because you save money in the long run. Steam cleaners or le top des balais vapeur use hot vaporised water. It makes the steam water loosen dirt from floors or dirty materials, letting you clean your garments and surfaces without using additional tools.

This post looks at five factors to consider when buying steam cleaners.

Health Reasons

pressure cleaners are also commonly used in the industrial world

• One benefit of using steam cleaners for industrial cleaning is that they reduce health risks. That’s because all you will be using is hot vaporised water. It means you won’t be exposing yourself, colleagues or workers to substances that may cause illnesses or allergies.
• Steam cleaners are also ideal when cleaning your upholstery. Compared to vacuuming, steam cleaners enable you to penetrate the insides of mattresses and carpets.

Type of Cleaning

• You should also check what you intend to clean before purchasing steam cleaners. That’s because different steam cleaners get designed for various purposes, for instance, domestic or industrial cleaning.

Disinfecting Extent

• Consider how deep you want to disinfect. That’s because you want your mattresses or upholstery to dry faster. That means you need to buy a vapour steam cleaner. If you leave them wet, you run the risk of having Mould growth.

• You may also want to clean your bathroom or toilet. A steam cleaner ensures that you get rid of harmful pathogens fast. Vapour steam cleaners kill these pathogens instantly.


• You can also use steam cleaners in a variety of cleaning jobs. That means they are multi-purpose. It means by buying them; you will cut costs when it comes to cleaning your home or office.

• You can also store them easily. That’s because they are not large devices. They also use great vaporised water. It means you won’t have to spend money on other cleaning products and tools.

Steam Cleaners Types

steam cleaners are great for dirt

• Steam cleaners come in three categories. That’s the steam mops, handheld steam cleaners and vapour steam cleaners. Consider those that suit your specific needs.

• Choose smaller types for simple cleaning jobs and larger ones for multiple cleaning activities, for example, industrial cleaning.

Industrial Steam Cleaners

• Industrial steam cleaners are best for heavy-duty cleaning, for instance, industrial cleaning. They are also powerful machines compared to regular steam cleaners.

• They have higher levels of pressure, which ensures you eliminate tough stains and dirt, such as grease or oil deposits.
• You can also choose them according to the nature of your industry. That’s because they come with industry-specific features.

• You can achieve high cleaning temperatures and pressures when using industrial steam cleaners. When using them for industrial cleaning, you can enjoy features such fast heated wet steam blasts. They enable you to dislodge dirt from hard to clean surfaces.

Final Thoughts

The above guide on factors to consider when purchasing steam cleaners should get you to consider buying one. If you intend to carry out industrial cleaning, make sure you choose industrial steam cleaners. That’s because are they the best when it comes to removing grease and oil deposits. You can also choose models according to your industry.

What is an Industrial Technology major?

Today we are going to give you an insight on an Industrial Technology training class for those interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic field.

Find out what an emerging engineer does in an Industrial Technology area.

Get to learn how something is made from raw materials used in the process to the final steps of the building process!

There are of course many other applications available in the engineering industry but we thought this could give you a great insight !

Do not hesitate to comment under the article should you have any questions.

6 crazy facts about industrial technologies you didn’t know

Industrial technologies have revolutionized this sector. Productivity has increased, and risks have been reduced. Technologies like 3D printing, drones, etc. are now widely used in the industry.

Here are some interesting facts about these technologies which you probably didn’t know.

1. The concept of 3D printing was developed in the 1980s. Chuck Hull in 1984 invented ‘stereolithography’ technique. It used UV lasers to solidify photopolymer which formed 3D parts layer by layer.

2. 3D printing was used for prototyping products. It is still being used for this purpose by many companies. For example, Ford is using 3D printing to make a huge selection of its car parts for testing. Now, it is used to create finished projects. It is now used to bring the creations of designers to life.

3. The first 3D-printed object made from asteroid material was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year. The asteroid material came from Campo del Cielo impact near Argentina. It contained nickel, iron, and cobalt.

4. Drones are mainly made in the USA and Israel. The other countries of the world cannot manufacture drone due to poor technology. They have tried many times but failed.

5. Armed drones were first invented in 1998 to find Osama bin Laden. It was planned to be used for finding out the whereabouts of the Al Queda group in the Middle East.

6. The USA is the most frequent users of drone. It uses it for military strategies.

These facts are fascinating and leave us wondering how creative human beings are. We can expect more such amazing technologies in the future.



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New Technologies Brings Improvements in the Paving Industry

Asphalt driveways provide the property and homeowner many nice benefits that include increasing the property value, enhancing the property and home appearance, delivering easy access for family and friends to and from the home and property, offering a lifetime of use and much more.

Recently the industry has been undergoing a few changes due to technological improvements that have helped the industry by proving new generation material.
There are many professional driveway paving companies who offer these types of services at affordable prices. Asphalt does not crack as easily as concrete, and it needs no paint. Driveway installation is a significant decision for all homeowners or business owners. Asphalt material is also a lot less expensive than concrete.

Make sure you use the right contractorsSolid foundations need to be prepared by expert pavers before asphalt is put down. Paved driveways come available in other forms besides cement and asphalt, like stone and clay. For the price of two to five dollars per square foot, you can have a very nice asphalt driveway installed for home or business. Asphalt patterns and designs can help add to the appearance, and some nice designs are blocks, bricks, stones and more. The designed road will cost maybe a dollar more per square foot. It does not take long for asphalt to cure and can be driven on almost immediately.

Climate Effects on Paved Driveways

Paved driveways can last about 20 years. When the climate and temperature changes, asphalt expands and shrinks and this is what prevents it from cracking and because of its dark colour, oil leaks are not noticed. Asphalt requires little maintenance, but it is easy maintenance. The repairs for concrete is more difficult. You can find paved driveway companies listed in the online business directory, but make sure they are licensed and insured before hiring them. Companies offer great tips and advice to help your paved driveway deliver you a lifetime of use after it has been installed.

Landscaped Borders

filler sealer for commercial use
Filler sealer for commercial use

You can make your asphalt paved driveway look great by landscaping the outer edges with flowers, or plants. It will add a very attractive and neat appearance. A particular type of asphalt mix that allows water to drain through the pavement into a subgrade reservoir is called porous asphalt. It is a very reliable, dependable and durable driveway. The contractor will help you make the right decision on which type of pavement will benefit you, your home and property. You can request a free online estimate on the costs of products and installation services.

It is asphalt technology specialists who design and construct these types of driveways. You will save money, time and hassle by choosing asphalt over gravel, cement, dirt, stone, and other types of driveway installation. Gravel and dirt type driveways have to be redone over and over again due to rain, mud puddles, holes, erosion and other complications. Subdivision driveways are usually constructed of asphalt.

Ice Melting Features

If you live where there are very cold temperatures, then ice melting for asphalt driveways is paramount. A few substances that can be helpful in melting the ice are Magnesium Chloride Pellets, Calcium Magnesium Acetate, Calcium Chloride Crystals, Flakes or Pellets.

Weather related asphalt damage can be avoided with the correct sealing, protecting and maintaining.

The installation contractor can give you helpful advice on what you need to avoid weather related damage. Asphalt makes perfect parking lots. Some great asphalt driveway sealants are coal tar and polymers. Hot-applied sealer is best for filling cracks in asphalt. A preblended patching material recommended for thin-section repairs like the impression of tires from autos.

4 ways technology is revolutionizing the industrial conglomerates

Technology is transforming the industrial companies. It is penetrating every aspect of the industry. Even the basic construction hats are becoming high-tech smart hats. Technology is making the industrial works more efficient and safe. Here are four ways technology is revolutionizing the industrial sector.

Paperworks are in order now


There are new apps available to keep your data up-to-date. It is now very easy to share information between the office and the job sites. There are apps to keep track of the safety records of your business.

Driverless solutions


In the construction industry, the trucks are becoming smart. From bulldozers to freightliners, everything is moving without a driver. Many mining companies use autonomous dump trucks with GPS system for the transportation of ores. These trucks can be controlled by a single driver from a remote location. This way, resources can be used more efficiently and a safer environment can be created for the employees.

Monitoring productivity


Drones are used in job sites for checking the progress of jobs and keeping the site secure. Footage shots from drones are used to determine when the job might be finished. They are widely used for monitoring productivity.

Street smarts


Smart highways are being developed. These roads have a glow-in-the-dark lining, interactive lighting, electric priority lanes, dynamic paints, etc. The concept of a solar road has come which allows generating solar power when working on roads. These roads will take in the sunlight and convert it to electricity. It has already been tested and has successfully generated about 3,000 kWh of electricity in the first six months.

These technologies have increased productivity and safety. It is now possible to get better results with limited resources due to these technological innovations.