e-commerce analytics for brick-and-mortar retail
Know your customer flow
  • Get detailed view into the customer movements inside the store.
  • Locate bottlenecks and quiet areas
  • Use the floor space more efficiently and increase sales
Get actionable insights
  • Drill into the statistics on store and department level
  • Compare performance of different areas
  • Discover trends in customer behaviour

Retail analytics solution

Customer flow tracking

Agaidi customer flow tracking solution enables retailers to track customer behaviour in store anonymously by tracking shopping carts, shopping baskets and mobile phones. Our solution produces detailed information about the customer routes inside store and time spent in store and in different departments. It helps retailers to better understand how different types of customers move in store and identify different types of shopping behaviour and how to convert more visitors to shoppers.

On store level Agaidi Retail Analytics provides customer visit trends and customer loyalty.

Sample Use Cases

Store design optimization

By testing and optimizing window design/store layout and testing how it affects the traffic, individual stores can drive traffic and purchases.

Store benchmarking

By calculating and comparing conversion rates for all stores, norms, trends, and outliers in conversion can be identified. This information is then usable in a number of ways. For example, lowest performing stores can be discovered and targeted for training or store experience improvement to bring conversion rates up. Or the highest performing stores identified and investigated for best practices to deploy across the entire organization.

Measuring marketing and promotions

In the past, retail marketing departments could only A/B test or measure the effectiveness of campaigns based on actual sales results, losing a great deal of information that could help maximize marketing ROI in the process. By understanding the path to purchase more completely, deeper insight can be gained into why campaigns are effective or not, making more efficient marketing possible.

Staffing optimization

Understanding optimized customer-to-staff ratio enables providing service appropriate to business model, ultimately contributing directly to maximum profitable conversion. Correcting misalignment between staffing level and traffic volume often increases conversion without additional costs.

Key features

  • Pass-by traffic vs. in-store traffic conversion
  • Number of new vs. return visitors, frequency of return visits
  • Store-level traffic, dwell time, shopper walking speed, vs. sales
  • Department-level traffic, dwell time, shopper walking speed, vs. sales
  • Queue length, wait time, abandonment rate.
  • Individual shopper routes.
  • Visitor heat map, by number of visitors, by visit time.
  • Shopper heat map, showing where visitors stop and shop.
  • Aisle-level shopper flow map

Other solutions

Custom asset tracking

Agaidi offer also custom assert tracking solutions using ultra-low-power tag and flexible infrastructure.

Example applications:

  • Warehouse management
  • Machinery identification
  • Theft prevention


Agaidi path tracking technology

Agaidi is using proprietary low-power Agaidi indoor locationing system to track individual shopping carts and shopping baskets. The system consists of battery operated locationing beacons, battery operated tags and an access point. The access point communicates with Agaidi cloud platform using 3g or ethernet connection. This infrastructure enables easy deployment with no wiring or server installation on location.

Agaidi wifi analytics

Agaidi wifi based mobile analytics can passively track radio signals from visiting customers. The information processed and stored securely and the data cannot be traced back to physical devices thus ensuring user identity. System can be simply installed by plugging in network cable and power. Multiple sensor per store require only one device to be connected to the internet.


Agaidi is a Finnish innovative technology company that provides retail industry tools and information to better understand their customers. Agaidi's wireless solutions are cost effective and easy to deploy allowing our customers and partners to deliver efficient measurement projects and continous mobile phone based analytics.

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