Agaidi technology turns your assets, spaces and buildings intelligent without complicated time consuming infrastructure installations or wiring projects.

Our infrastructure includes system management and locationing engine software in the cloud, Access Points that manage ultra low power wireless communication at your site, small battery operated Beacons and tags. It is a comprehensive solution for even the most demanding environments since it can be operated fully electricity free.

System management and locationing engine in a cloud 
Agaidi is easy to deploy and manage – just plug into the cloud and get started. The locationing application includes a tracking engine that calculates the location or status of your assets real-time. It reports on tags movements and status updates. Open API enables other applications to access location information and interact with Agaidi.

Access Points with 2G/3G connectivity
Agaidi Access Point manages wireless ultra-low power communication at your site and provides online connectivity with a 2/3G or Ethernet connection. The platform has been developed on top of the DASH7, ISO 18000-7 standard wireless protocol, which delivers an exceptionally long-range signal that penetrates walls, glass and concrete effectively. The protocol also enables two-way communication through a dedicated channel wherein the band is not so crowded than in the 2.4 GHz (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee).

Powerful, battery operated tracking beacons 
With Agaidi beacons, you can create locationing infrastructure even in the most challenging environments without electricity wiring capabilities. The battery-operated beacons are easy to install and relocate at any time. You can define the necessary tracking accuracy by adding or removing beacons and fine-tuning the radius of the beacons in the cloud software. Thanks to their ultra- low energy consumption, the beacons can run up to 5 years before you need to change the battery.

Multifunctional asset tags 
Agaidi provides multifunctional asset tags for effective monitoring of environmental conditions like humidity, temperature and ground vibration. The data from the tags is automatically uploaded to the cloud-based system management, where it can be used to visualize real-time information on assets, buildings and interior spaces.
Life-time of tags´ can be up to 3 years in continuous use, thanks to their exceptional battery life. They are also small and lightweight (40 mm x 60 mm x 4 mm), and can be easily attached to any asset, clothing or equipment. The tags can also be combined with e-paper displays to provide real-time information to the end-users.